Old Silver Candle Stands

Our Story


Two Rivers Crafts is the brain child of Eric Olgers and Jenifer Helton. What happened when 2 people met on a snowy Friday night in a small bar..... The stars aligned, the heavens shined down, and Facebook predicted love (SERIOUSLY!).  When the girl realized how talented her prince charming was and how her crazy doodles and scribbles he could bring to life with so much heart, and that the two of them together in the kitchen was nothing short of magical, complete with alot candlelight dinners .. well the rest is history. 

Miss. Two Rivers is our home situated at exactly the corners of the James and Chickahominy Rivers. We decided to push forward with our dream of having it as a space for entertaining guest, building a business, and a life together in of one of the most historic areas in Virginia.   We have a strive to make every purchase something to remember. Our signature handcrafted designs inspired by the little beach,  inspired by our love for the area and each other.  Our custom products are inspired by and designed by YOU! We are dedicated to helping you set the perfect mood for your special occasion, even if it's takeout served on your granny's china! 


  • hand poured soy candle


  • custom wood crafts


  • upscale upcycle


  • décor & living



109 Eagle Bluff Rd. Claremont, VA 

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