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What Would Martha Do?

My obsession with Martha Stewart came at an early age. As a young mother, I remember pouring over the Entertaining book, and the Christmas book. Even now, one of the first things I take out when I decorate is the Martha Christmas book. Now, over the years.. I have definitly had some epic fails.. let's just say that even though Peanut Butter cookies are my favorite, they will never be my strong suit.

Through the years, I have continued to search for the ideal things to suit all sorts of occassions. Napkins, place settings, books, music, recipes & yes, even my candle scents. I admit, that I do sometimes have something very specific in mind, but for the most part something sparks that theme. Today is no exception, and as I'm sitting here searching for inspiration to create a customer's signature home scent I decided to hit You Tube and search for the queen herself. As luck would have it.. one of the first things to pop up ( which was weird, I know) was the Martha Stewart Christmas Special from 1995. The inspiration God's must have been smiling down upon me, becuase also on the special was the original OG herself.. Julia Child.

Lots of people love the warmth and spice of what we consider "fall scents" & that of course is my mission today. Never mind that it is 2 degrees below hell outside, or that once I get home I fully intend to make up a batch of icy creamy margaritas. If I shut my eyes and listen to the sounds echoing out of my speakers and filling the shop, in my mind the air has a crisp nip, the hint of cider and leaves is all around & a jazzy version of "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" is playing. And just like that... inspiration hits, the scents blend perfectly and to snag her words; "it truly is a good thing".

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